Stress management

Stress management

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The pandemic has greatly impacted the employees’ psychological health within our organizations. Metal helth issues remain and require an understanding of basic needs as well as an identification of different strategies related to stress management.


  • Better understand stress and our reactions in the current situation
  • Develop strategies to better deal with stress
  • · Better self-knowledge as a team in times of stress

Length: 1h


  • Identify stress factors and their consequences
  • Understand basic human needs
  • Identify different strategies to ensure mental health
  • Identify different physical strategies to manage stress 

At the end of this training, you would have created an individual action plan as well as a group plan for your next stress management initiatives.

How does it work:

  • Choose a topic, provide your details by creating an account and complete the transaction
  • You will receive a call to plan the training session
  • An invitation will be sent to all participants, with a prior period of technical tests (sound, audio, connection and interactions)
  • Once the training completed, you will receive an email including the material (recording and presentation)