Internal communication during a crisis

Internal communication during a crisis

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In times of crisis, it is necessary to acquire the best communication tools, methods and practices to better address messages to your team members.


Identify tactical and concrete communication measures to quickly apply to your teams and according to your needs

Length: 1h


Understand the message transmission model
• Understand the different elements of crisis communication
• Identify the tactics to put in place in order to:
o Become more proactive in messages’ transmission
o Reduce stress
o Increase team cohesion
o Train on collaborative platforms
o Create ways to take the teams’ pulse
o Create ways to have difficult conversations when apart

How does it work:

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• You will receive a call to plan the training session
• An invitation will be sent to all participants, with a prior period of technical tests (sound, audio, connection and interactions)
• Once the training completed, you will receive an email including the material (recording and presentation)