One-on-one with our experts

One-on-one with our experts

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Unknown and unprecedented, the global situation forces us to rethink our business models and operations. In this context, we all face new challenges and new questions. To help you through this crisis, we have revised our services and are offering you One-on-One discussions with experts from our firm on the subject of your choice in the list below (or others!).

One-on-One subject examples:

  • Crisis management : Olivier Laquinte, cofounder and President
  • Operations and Financial management: Jonathan Tremblay, Vice-President
  • Innovation and Business modeling: Eric Dupont, cofounder and Vice-President
  • Supply chain : Martin Bourassa, Vice-President General Manager
  • Human transformation and employee experience: Julie Lachaine, Vice-President
  • Change management: Julie Lachaine, Vice-President


  • Ask your questions and get answers in a dynamic mode
  • Discuss with an expert from a consulting firm and better understand the challenges faced by other organizations and current trends
  • Reassure you on the subject of your choice: the dynamics of the relationships with your customers and suppliers, the impact on your customers’ and the employees’ journeys, the consequences on your projects roadmap, etc.

Length: 1h

How does it work:

  • Choose a topic, provide your details by creating an account and complete the transaction
  • You will receive a call from an expert to plan the One-on-One phone call
  • Once the discussion completed, you will receive an email including the recording