Virtual workshop – Topic: activities’ resumption

Virtual workshop – Topic: activities’ resumption

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In a current context combining the reopening of the economy and strict rules of social distancing, what are the measures to take in order to adapt your working environment and prepare your teams for the activities’ resumption?


  • Facilitate a virtual and interactive workshop
  • Analyze the impact of the pandemic on your organization and your industry
  • Work on the implementation of a recovery action plan in the short, medium and long terms, articulated on three levels: human, technologies, processes / processes

Length: 3h

How does it work:

  • Choose a topic, provide your details by creating an account and complete the transaction
  • You will receive a call from a member of our Innovation team
  • On a 30 minutes’ call, you will be able to define the objectives, the participants and the date & time of the workshop
  • An invitation will be sent to all participants, with a prior period of technical tests (sound, audio, connection and interactions)
  • · Once the training completed, you will receive an email including the material (recording and presentation)